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Asbestos Insulation & Contractors

Recently read an Illinois law firm’s article “Asbestos Liabilities of Dissolved Industrial Insulation Contractor.”  The case involved asbestos and mesothelioma wrongful death cases against Sprinkmann Insulation based on its takeover of Sprinkmann Sons Corp. of Illinois.  The latter was a former asbestos insulation contractor.

That asbestos lawsuit reminded me a of client I represented who was a former employee of Sprinkmann Sons in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Sadly, he died of mesothelioma related to his asbestos exposure after working decades for Sprinkmann Sons in Wisconsin.  After a pleural biopsy, his oncologist diagnosed mesothelial hyperplasia showing malignant messothelial cells and epithelioid malignant mesothelioma.  His mesothelioma was the result of working for many years in industrial locations around Milwaukee, such as the Pabst Brewery.  The company was a contractor and distributor of insulation, cold storage facilities and interiors and worked in places like that processed cold and frozen foods, chemical plants, nuclear power plants, electric stations, and of course, breweries.  He worked as an installer and contractor with all the hundreds of products that were laced with asbestos fibers, including blankets, boilers, expansion joints, HVAC systems, insulation, pipes, plumbing, tanks, turbines, valves, and industrial equipment.  Though every asbestos and mesothelioma lawsuit is different, the recovery I was able to help obtain for this man’s family exceeded $1.5 million.

Wisconsin Sheet Metals Union Asbestos Case

Asbestos exposure on construction sites was commonplace in the 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. Recently, I was able to help a man who was exposed to asbestos during that time. He worked throughout the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area and was diagnosed this year with mesothelioma. As is typical in asbestos mesothelioma cases, the diagnosis was made after a biopsy of his lung and a nodule. He is actually retired in Arizona, but since his exposure as a construction worker in the Sheet Metals Union took place here in Wisconsin, the basis for his lawsuit against manufactures and distributors of asbestos laced products is here and based on their causing his mesothelioma.